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We empower your Additive Manufacturing business by our consulting service! With combined knowledge of over 20 years of hands-on experience in both metal-based Laser and Electron Beam Melting (LBM & EBM) technology, we make your 3D Printing production successful. Our independent consulting and training service supports your journey from the first idea all the way up to a running serial production with multiple qualified Additive Manufacturing lines.

What we can do for you

3D Printing Business Case

Profit by Additive Manufacturing

We empower your Additive Manufacturing capabilities and enable you to identify and optimize your business cases for Additive Manufacturing.

3D Printing Qualification

Ensure manufacturing quality

With our qualification program your Additive Manufacturing quality management system will comply with your industries demands.

3D Printing Supply Chain

Control your AM supply chain

With AdditivePass at your side, you will be able to gain control over your Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain by our unique AM audit.

Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Acquiring the necessary knowledge for a successful implementation of Additive Manufacturing is essential, but time consuming. Accelerate your learning curve and build your knowledge based on best practices by AdditivePass. We bring your team to a knowledge level, which enables them to identify and redesign potential parts as well as run a qualified and robust manufacturing process.

Reduce Your Time to Market

Implementing Additive Manufacturing in a qualified production typically takes 2-3 years, depending on industry standards. We will enable you to implement AM technology in your production in a much shorter time span. With an accelerated start of production you can serve your customers quicker and reduce your investment risk significantly.

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